Rec Center Helps Students Prepare for Their Careers

Kat Wilberding

So you are looking at the requirements for the police academy and you notice they have all these physical standards. The Beckerman Recreation center can help you meet these requirements. First, for only 7 dollars, patrons can set up a fitness assessment. The fitness assessment is a meeting with one of our certified personal trainers to measure such things as weight, body fat composition, resting heart rate, muscle strength, flexibility (sit-n-reach), and more. Once you’ve completed this diagnostic session you will know exactly what workouts you need to focus on to reach academy standards.

With the Beckerman Recreation Center’s convenient hours, the availability of exercise equipment and space is not out of reach. Also, with our wide variety of cardio equipment and weight machines there is sure to be something to help you reach your goals. Just need an open space? We have open studio hours posted daily in the lobby. If a disciplined class is more your style, check out Group X. Don’t forget you can always mix up your routine with the many sports and activities we offer.

Seniors, as many of you start to look for jobs, you might have to pass some physical test to be hired, especially in the policing and criminal justice concentration. The recreation center is the perfect place for students to get in shape for their careers, and it starts with a fitness assessment. Know where you stand. Let the rec center provide you with the tools to get you where you need to be.

Editor’s note: Looking for more info about the Rec Center? Stop in and ask at their front desk!