Parents of Hitler Lose Custody Of Their Kid… Again

Cullen Mclane

These poor parents can’t seem to catch a break. Heath and Deborah Campbell first entered the public’s watchful eye about two years ago, when a grocery store refused to write the name of their son on a birthday cake. At first glance it would look like the grocery store was the bad guy on this story, but things get a little less black and white when you realize they named their kid Adolf Hitler Campbell.


They quickly lost custody of that kid, and three more, and their other two, Joycelynn Aryan Nation Campbell (seriously, Aryan Nation), and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell. Just recently they lost custody of their newest kid, Hons.


It should go without saying that these parents have an affinity for German names. And also that they’re completely insane. It’s unclear if they’re Nazis, Neo Nazis, Nazi Sympathizers, want their children to grow up hating life, have a really, really, really weird sense of humor, or just really like German names. But, one thing that is clear is the fact that naming your kid Adolf Hitler is not a smart move. Names don’t directly affect who people who are, but they can affect how others perceive people, and if you go through life with a name like Adolf Hitler, well, people aren’t going to perceive you very well.


Maybe the parents thought they were being funny, maybe they just liked the name, or maybe they respect Hitler and want to honor him. But however you put it, they clearly didn’t think about how it could affect the child’s life in the long run. Also there’s a history of violence in the household. The Campbells say these claims are fabricated, but they named their kid Hitler; who cares what they say? They’re clearly not people worth listening to.


Young Hons still has yet to leave the hospital, but his parents have already been banned from seeing him. Deborah Campbell said “They kidnapped my kid. I’ve been sleeping with his little blanket from the hospital.”