Paragon Theorem ready to rock UNH this May

Ashley Winward

With such a dynamic music community in a perfect location for musical growth, it’s refreshing to see all the new talent that graces our campus every year. Many might not know of how many musicians are on this campus, but Jordan Pitruzzello is working to make that known.

The newest drummer of the local band Paragon Theorem, he has set up a showcase of local and UNH bands that will be performing this Spring Weekend. I got the chance to sit down with him to talk about his band, joining into an already existing band dynamic and what we should expect from his showcase.

JP: Our name is Paragon Theorem, we are a hard rock band out of Glastonbury, Conn. and we’ve just recently released our second album, Inkwell.

AW: You are a newer member of the band, just recently joined. How is it jumping into an already existing dynamic?

JP: It was pretty easy because I had seen them three or four times live. Steve, the lead guitarist, is my cousin, even though we have never been really close. Until I joined the band, we never really talked. Their songs are pretty basic for me since I’m really into metal so the parts really aren’t that challenging but it’s a lot of fun and the guys are cool. It kind of just flowed, their old drummer left and I just transitioned in really quickly.

AW: You said that you’ve had a new album come out recently, Inkwell. Can you talk about what makes this album different from the last?

JP: On both albums, I didn’t do any recording for any of it, so from an outsider’s perspective it’s a lot heavier and a little more diverse in terms of song. In general, I just think it’s a better album.

AW: The band funded their most recent album using indiegogo, which has been very popular recently for up and coming bands, not only as a way to get their projects funded but as a way for a more direct band to fan interaction. How do you feel about the push to break down the barrier between artist and fan?

JP: I think it’s great because fans are what make the bands, the more say and the more involvement they have in getting a band going I think is great.

AW: If you could have your band on a bill with any musicians, what would be your perfect lineup?

JP: That’s a tough one! Carnival, Sevendust, Staind…those bands are all very similar to our sound. Stone temple pilots.

AW: What’s the rest of 2015 hold for the band?

JP: Lot of playing, making our way around Connecticut, hopefully some shows in New York and Boston. Just a lot of gigging to promote the album.

AW: Speaking of gigging, tell me about the show you’re putting on in the German Club at the end of the semester

JP: It is on May 2. We are playing with On the Fritz and Summer Time. On the Fritz is another original band here from UNH; they’re like a punk rock ska infused band. Summer Time is a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band. Basically, I wanted to set up a night to showcase student bands; we have a large population of music students and I wanted to make up a night to give a chance to show what us music kids are all about and also to be able to show off what they do in their bands.

AW: What’s the most difficult part about putting a show together?

JP: Reserving the time that you want, finding a time that suites all the band’s needs, and then getting other bands to come in and having that all work out. I would say though getting the right venue at the right time is really tricky.

AW: As a musician, what would be one piece of advice that you would give another kid trying to start their own band?

JP: Always keep going at it, never get discouraged, even if you can’t find other musicians. If you can’t find other musicians at the time think outside the box. There are other ways, programs like garage band can supply you with tracks or if you play multiple instruments like me you can record different tracks and then just make your music by yourself. Always believe in yourself and never give up.

If you didn’t get the chance to score a Spring Concert ticket, check out Paragon Theorem at the German Club. You can also see them opening for Soul Asylum, a band I’ve personally gotten the chance to chat with before, on June 24 at the Webster Theatre in Hartford.