Not So Common Courtesy

Karina Krul

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When did our generation lose the ability to be considerate human beings? We act like everyone else is below us, but why? When did it become cool to completely disregard the people around you?

College students just no longer think about anyone, but themselves. We are all guilty of it in some way, at some point. We don’t care about our neighbors, we don’t care about our professors. We just want to get in and out of here as quick as we can. We are never considerate because most of us honestly just don’t think about it anymore.

Every single night, obnoxious yelling or laughing can be heard outside of Sheffield Hall. It never matters what night of the week it is. Monday night at 1am is just as popular a time as Thursday or Saturday night at 1am and, for those of us actually trying to sleep, it can get real irritating, real quick. It amazes me how no one ever has the capacity to think that, at midnight on a Tuesday, people might be asleep in the windows above them as they scream across campus to their friend. It amazes me how ignorant students have become to the world around them.

I am one of the windows that hears the screaming and carrying on. I’ve been woken up at almost 3am to the sounds of a screaming match happening under my window, or a group of guys screaming about the girl they just met (which is usually an even further level of repulsing). It does not take a super ridiculous amount of effort to consider that maybe people actually live in the dorms you are shouting into, that maybe someone you are keeping awake has an 8am orgo lab, or a 9:25 physics class. It does not take much to be considerate. Yet, it seems that every single college student who has ever wandered under my window was never taught that simple skill.

It is not just the people who find themselves yelling under my window who have convinced me our generation has lost common courtesy. Living in a college dorm, there is plenty of evidence to support that fact.

College is loud, no one expects the dorms to ever be quiet. However, there is a difference between college noise and blasting music at midnight so everyone in a five mile radius can hear you. At that point, you are not turning it up so you can hear it, you are just blowing out your eardrums. Yet, at least once a week, the people above me are blasting music and stopping around. Where is the common courtesy when students disregard their surroundings and decide they don’t care about their fellow students? Common courtesy is at a loss in our generation.

Karina Krul, Editor-in-chief

Karina Krul is a senior marine biology major with a triple minor in psychology, political science and marine affairs. This is her fourth year with The...

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Not So Common Courtesy