Noah Cyrus’ “Makes Me Cry”


Caitlin Carney

In early November, Noah Cyrus, the 16-year- old sister of singer Miley Cyrus, released

her own single. Noah Cyrus’s single was accompanied by a music video, which perfectly

captured the emotions from the song.

Make Me Cry was a single that focused on the pain felt when a significant other seems

to only hurt their partner, yet their partner still cannot seem to stop loving them. Cyrus

explores this treacherous inner battle through not only her lyrics, but also her actions in

the accompanying music video.

Cyrus’s single includes the lyrics, “I never needed you like I do right now, I never hated

you like I do right now, ‘Cause all you ever do is make me cry,” which perfectly capture

the emotional turmoil Cyrus is experiencing with her partner.

The music video features her in her apartment with a man asleep in her bed. Her

collaborator, Labrinth, is also shown in a separate apartment with a woman asleep in his

bed. The two singers continuously do everything they can to reach out to their loved one,

only to be ignored as the loved one continues to sleep. As they both grow more and more

emotional about their significant others, Cyrus begins to trash her apartment in the

song’s emotional breakdown, before finally collapsing on her bed, following the floor.

This first single from Cyrus is impressive due to the intense emotion captured in the

song. Cyrus’s voice, though it does have its own sound, features many qualities similar

to older sibling Miley’s voice. The two do have varying voices, though. Noah’s voice is

much softer and gentler than Miley’s often deep, almost gravelly voice.

Noah Cyrus and Labrinth do an incredible job portraying emotion in not only their

voices but also their actions in the music video. It will be exciting to see what other work

Cyrus brings forward in the future.