Night Train Tour

Samantha Mathewson

Jason Aldean and Jake Owen visited Connecticut on the Night Train tour, and it was my kind of party.

Thomas Rhett accompanied the artists on the keyboard and Kelly Clarkson appeared on stage for her duo with Aldean in “Don’t You Wanna Stay.” Her voice rung so powerfully and you could feel the heartache.

Like in Aldean’s song “Tattoos on this Town,” the concert “sure left it’s mark on us, we sure left our mark on it.” The concert was at Mohegan Sun Casino and the artists performed Thursday, Feb. 28, and Friday, March 1. You could feel their energy pouring out of them into the audience while they were on stage. These artists are dedicated to their fans and gave the performance of a lifetime.

Country fans showed up in their plaid, jeans and cowboy hats and boots to rock along to the country songs. To make it clear, I am not being stereotypical, I am a full-blooded country fan with a special place in my heart for my top three artists Jake Owen, Jason Aldean, and Luke Bryan. And I did wear my high brown boots and my jean jacket.

In reference to another country band, Florida Georgia Line, this is my favorite music to drive fast and cruise to while its blasting on the radio, so to be engulfed by the music echoing around me LIVE was amazing.

I’ll admit, I am borderline obsessed. I mean, if knowing all the songs and their lyrics to each respective album, and said album’s release date makes me obsessed, then yes, maybe I’ve stepped a few toes over that borderline.

However, in my defense, I was not alone. When “She’s Country” came on, everyone showed that they werr country, “that that’s the way she was born and raised, she ain’t afraid to stay, country.”

Country represents easy, relaxed living, and finding a love that is the most honest and sincere love you may ever be lucky enough to fall deeply into. Who doesn’t want that? How could you not live happy under those stipulations?

Country also advertises being carefree and wild: the perfect equation for fun. Aldean tells us our world is wide open, which is inspirational and mysteriously invites everyone to be risk takers and enjoy every moment of life. This is the exact atmosphere that was created at the concert.

As much fun as the artists advertise the south being, they do have a sentimental array of songs that hit the heart in its sensitive spot. Country has the ability to take all the pain and worries go away while addressing the problems we face, and the songs are relatable so that you don’t have to go through it alone. Like Owen’s song “Alone with You.” There is always that someone that you want, really bad, but you know you shouldn’t go back to them, I mean unless you are a masochistic. When you listen to this song, you can find the “strength to believe, even though it ain’t easy.”

Aside from being fun and heartfelt, country music portrays the hard-work lifestyle that southerners have. “Straight ahead, never turn round. Don’t back up, don’t back down.” That’s determination, and it gives me the motivation to keep prevailing.

Owen opened for Aldean and couldn’t have done a better job. He had the perfect mix of his old and new work. He introduced a couple songs from his new album and, of course, as everyone expected and anticipated, he played “Barefoot Blue Jean Night.” Who doesn’t want to not grow up or slow down? I wish I could stay young forever! And you can’t tell me you don’t want to sit around a fire in a lawn chair listening to Jake Owen acoustically serenade you with his guitar until the break of dawn. Not to mention, the beer is always ICE cold? I see no downside to this southern summer night.

Owen did a shout out to Sandy Hook Elementary as well. Country has this nature of being hospitable with an overwhelming sense of care for everyone. When Owen recognized the cause had spread all the way to Florida, it was touching to someone like me who saw the shock waves only an hour away.

As many of you are probably wondering, Aldean did in fact play “Big Green Tractor,” and there was not one soul who found it irritating. There may be hidden innuendos, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I mean it’s a little more respectable than using vulgar words in rap songs.

The party was never going to end after Aldean came back for his encore. The crowd went wild and couldn’t get enough. We got our own taste of country. The audience was able to have as much fun listening as the artists did performing.