NBC’s Community Facing Trouble

Cameron Hines

It seems like nothing but trouble has dogged NBC’s cult hit TV Community: from the hiatuses, to the supposed cancellations, to many of the people who make the show successful dropping out, being a fan of the show is as painful as it is rewarding.

Poor ratings hinder “Community”‘s popularity.

The basic premise is that the show follows a group of students going to community college and the adventures that their friendship brings. From Doctor Who parodies, to school-wide paintball fights, the show is constantly flexing its quirky and inventive muscles.

The show is supported by a magnificent assemble cast including Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Jim Rash and Chevy Chase. Everyone in the show is irreplaceable as they all bring a unique personality and perspective. Though the acting may be great, it’s the writing that makes this show what it is. The writers are constantly drawing hysterical jokes from popular culture and integrating different genre styles to make the show interesting. It really is one of the best shows on television, but unfortunately it suffers from such poor ratings and because it’s competing at the same time with mega-hit The Big Bang Theory.

However, that’s not the only trouble that’s hurting the show. Recently, show runner and creator Dan Harmon dropped out because of challenges from NBC. In addition, Chevy Chase is gone due to the fact that he argues with everyone off screen. In the newest season, Harmon’s presence is missed much more than Chase’s. Many of the jokes in the current season are flat and just don’t hit. The show lacks the punch and zing that it had when Harmon was supervising, and as a loving fan it’s painful to watch the show start to slip.

In addition, the current season, which was supposed to air back in October 2012, only just started in February. This has caused some real dichotomies between the show’s setting and ours (the Halloween episode debuted on Valentine’s Day). Though it sounds like a funny set up, it soon loses its humor.

No matter what, we’ll always have the first three seasons, which are brilliant alone. I highly recommend them. But as a loyal fan to the show, it’s difficult for me to face the facts. The reality is that the show is lacking in what made it so lovable in the first place. I will stick with it, but I worry about my excitement for the show if it doesn’t shake off the rust.