MEISA’s First Concert Reflections


MEISA’s first concert of the year was on Monday the 5th, and I managed to catch the last half of the show. The bands that played were amazing! I wish I could have made it to see the whole thing, but out of the last bands that I saw my two favorite bands of the night were The Almighty Godzuki and Kill Me Kate.

These bands really had me blown away by their amazing talents. The Almighty Godzuki’s Guitarist really stood out to me with his awesome guitar solos! Kill Me Kate’s lead singer had amazing voice, and the rest of the band was really talented as well. They talked to the crowd a lot and were entertaining and got people dancing.

They were both hard rocking bands; the Almighty Godzuki was more of a metal type of band I would say, so those who are into those types of music should really check them out. They both have myspace, facebook, and twitters so go and check them out!

I hope to see more people at MEISA’s next concert. It’s coming up pretty soon; I’ll update everyone and give all the details when I know all the information.