Mayday Parade Brings Forever Emo Tour to Toad’s


A look inside the Mayday Parade Concert at Toad’s Place on Nov.11.

Kayla Mutchler, Entertainment Editor

On Nov. 11, Toad’s Place in New Haven was decorated with crying emoji balloons, a banner that read “forever emo,” lights, and punk music fans for Mayday Parade’s Forever Emo Tour.

The Forever Emo Tour was unlike Mayday Parade’s other tours. It lasted only one month during November, and rather than playing the usual setlist of their most popular and new songs, most were covers of some of their favorite pop-punk and emo hits from other bands.

The concert began with a pre-show as people entered through the doors of Toad’s Place. Emo Night Brooklyn is an emo-oriented group that DJed, and played some of punk’s most popular songs.

DJ Josh Douglas said that they would be playing “nothing but the best bangers of our emo childhood.” Bands played included A Day to Remember, Bowling for Soup, My Chemical Romance, Neck Deep, and All Time Low, among others.

Douglas danced around the stage and sang along to the songs much like the audience. “For the record, no one’s having more fun than us right now,” said Douglas.

Emo Night Brooklyn’s set ended, and slightly after 9 p.m., Mayday Parade took the stage.

Front man Derek Sanders walked on stage last, wearing a shirt with a My Chemical Romance-themed shirt that said, “forever emo.” The band started with a cover of Taking Back Sunday’s “Cute without the ‘E.’”

After the song, Sanders asked for the music to be turned down. He told the crowd that the week prior, he broke his foot while performing.

Sanders said, “I can’t move around as much as I’d like to tonight, but we’re not going to let that stop us from having a good night tonight.”

Mayday Parade then played Good Charlotte’s song, “The Anthem.” More songs followed, including one of Mayday Parade’s most popular songs, “Oh Well, Oh Well,” “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers, “All the Small Things” by Blink-182, “Sweetness” by Jimmy Eat World, and more.

Sanders said that this was Mayday Parade’s first time at Toad’s since 2009.

“We don’t come to New Haven, Connecticut, very often,” he said. “We’ll come back and see you guys as soon as we can.”

The concert ended with a cover of My Chemical Romance’s “I’m Not Okay (I Promise).” The band left the stage and the crowd started chanting “one more song.”

After a few minutes, Mayday Parade returned to the stage, playing one of their most popular songs, “Jersey.”

Mayday Parade’s tour ended in Phoenix, Ariz., on Nov. 23.