Mac N’ Out Offers Students Comfort Food


Whether you like going home or not, we can all agree a home cooked meal is one of the best things ever. Kate Voll, creator of Mac N’Out, knew this when she started the campus favorite restaurant that serves only mac n’ cheese. What started as a casual conversation between four sisters turned into reality for Voll. Gathered around their parent’s kitchen in Monroe, CT, the family began throwing around the idea of a place of their own that served strictly mac n’ cheese.

Going home that night the family didn’t put anymore thought to the idea, except for Kate Voll, the youngest of the sisters. She had graduated with a finance degree and grew up around food establishments because of her parents aspirations; Voll was prepared to take on the responsibility that comes with opening a restaurant. Her family supported her and “helped in one way or another” when the business started, Voll said. 

Voll said she chose macaroni and cheese because of, “The diversity of the ingredients…there is so much more you can add to a bowl of mac and cheese to change the experience when eating it.”


When the restaurant opened in 2013 Voll said people were excited for the restaurant because until then there weren’t too many places that sold strictly mac and cheese. Having had parents in the food industry and a background in finance, Voll was able to get a foot in the door with her restaurant.

“Initially it took a couple of years to establish ourselves,” said Voll. “But like any business we are always looking to establish ourselves more, meaning open new locations and grow in the future.”

New Haven students love eating there when they can, seeing as it is just a little ways down from the Milford mall. Nia Grey, a junior at the University of New Haven said, “There’s a flavor for everybody. It comes out hot and in a skillet and it’s perfect pick-me-up comfort food.”

And Voll loves us too, “We love meeting people and putting smiles on their faces, it is one of the reason why I love what I do,” she said.

Getting to share her love for macaroni and cheese and building an entire business off of it has given Voll so much happiness. “It has helped me grow in many different ways and I continue to learn so much on a day to day basis.”