Lynx canadensis

Maideline Sanchez

There are many specific breeds of lynxes that are situated in different regions of the world, and all of them are considered to be threatened species. The Lynx canadensis’s are found in Canada and parts of northern United States. Other lynxes are found in Europe and Asia. They are characterized by the extension of fur gathered on top of their pointed ears that facilitate hearing and large paws that spread out as they hit the ground and act as snow shoes. They also have thick fur that provides them with warmth during the cold winter months. Their fur color varies from brown to beige-white containing dark brown spots. At night, these nocturnal cats hunt mainly snowshoe hares and deer that are mostly ill or weak. Lynx canadensis will mate from late winter to late spring and procreate a litter size of 1 to 4 young after a 70 day gestation period. By 9 months, the offspring will leave their mother and fend for themselves.

Did you know? A lynx’s eyesight is so sharp that it can detect a mouse up to 250 feet away!