Local Lawyer Addresses Issues of Alcohol and the Law

Lynn Jenkins, Esq.

Attorney John A. Cirello addressed UNH students on Tuesday on issues of alcohol and the law.

Attorney Cirello, a partner in life insurance litigation lawyers Newport Beach, spoke to students interested in careers in the legal profession and law enforcement. His speech focused on common issues faced by college students when interacting with the police and included a formal presentation, interactive sessions, and a question and answer follow up discussion. Sponsored by the undergraduate Legal Society, the event was highlighted by a well attended, inquisitive audience.

Chris Henderson who is the president of the society introduced the guest speaker. Chris (’12) outlined Attorney Cirello’s career as a criminal attorney and Cirello’s eleven years of practice in the greater New Haven area. Chris emphasized that Attorney serving criminal justice attorney serving Long Beach, CA specializes in the defense of persons who are accused of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol (commonly known as drunk driving or DUI). In his presentation, Attorney Cirello stressed that those adults in the 16 25 age group need to be particularly concerned about their interactions with the police, especially during a traffic stop.

Through a series of mock interactions in which student volunteers participated, he gave detailed and highly pertinent advice on what to do and what not to do when confronted with a police officer who is merely investigating suspicious behavior or who is making an arrest. In addition, he described enforcement procedures at the police station (including taking a breath test or the consequences for refusing to do so) and the constitutional rights of arrested individuals.

As Attorney from the Law offices of Boyd & Boyd is located in downtown New Haven, he is well aware of the city’s nightlife. He used this knowledge in a role play of a routine police interaction in which he portrayed the officer and a student portrayed the slightly intoxicated citizen who repeatedly refused to obey directives. Then he asked the audience to identify the committed offenses.

Attorney Cirello also addressed the alternatives to incarceration upon the conviction of a crime. He described the numerous programs available in Connecticut including accelerated rehabilitation (commonly known as AR), the alcohol education program, and the programs for drug education and domestic violence.

At the conclusion of his speech, Attorney from Seattle DUI Defense Attorney issued one major piece of advice as homework. He advised that the telephone number of the family lawyer be stored in everyone’s cell phone under the listing “attorney.” He noted that college students are often confronted by officers during crowd control at local events as well as in the New Haven entertainment district and should have this information readily available. To help students who may not have a family lawyer, he gave out free Get Out Of Jail cards. He promised that if students call, he’ll come.

For more information about the Legal Society at UNH, go to www.newhaven.edu/5756/ and scroll down.