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Teddy Geiger LIVE @ The Space

There are some artists you grow up listening to you that you will never forget. That one feel good song by them comes on the radio and all of a sudden a million memories of you dancing around your room in an oversized t-shirt and sweatpants holding a hairbrush that acts as a microphone come back into your head… or maybe that’s just me? At any rate, every time I hear “For You I Will,” by Teddy Geiger I get transported right back to the days where the biggest worry I had was if I’d be able to sit next to my friend on the bus.

Photo Provided by Kyle Woodworth
Photo Provided by Kyle Woodworth

There is certain nostalgia in those songs that bring you back to a time or place, and Geiger has the ability of making that nostalgia present in all of his music, even his new songs, just by having that voice and those melody lines that bring it all back home.

Geiger played a show at The Space in Hamden, CT on Jan. 26, and transformed the venue into his own little coffee shop full of people who appreciate the music he’s written. With Christmas lights strung effortlessly around the stage with twenty or so café tables and chairs set up, you were no longer at The Space, but somewhere completely transcending the regular spot.

After an amazing set, I was lucky enough to interview Geiger and ask him a few questions that I’ve always wanted to know. I first asked about the major comparison of him and John Mayer, more so in Geiger’s earlier career.

“He [Mayer] is fantastic,” said Geiger. “He actually called me to tell me he thought I had my own sound. He was like ‘I always hoped Dave Mathews would call me when everyone was comparing us, so I figured I’d let you know.’”

I find it amazing that someone as prominent as John Mayer would take the time to let someone know they are their own distinct artist, it just goes to show that Mayer believes in Geiger as much as any of his fans, and that is definitely a positive push in the right direction.

“Since Underage Thinking I’ve been exposed to so many great artists I’d never heard before,” said Geiger when asked how he feels he has developed since his first album. “I’ve spent a lot of time in the studio the past ten years experimenting with all sorts of songs and styles. So there is a lot more inspiration to pull from, but I’m still me and think that will always come through in the work.”

After seeing Geiger before live I don’t think he could have said that any better. It is clear that while he has grown in terms of more experience in the industry, he has still not strayed from the sound we all know and love and that is something that takes a lot of dedication in today’s entertainment world.

I asked Geiger where it all began for him in terms of the music industry.

“My first experience with the industry came through an audition for a reality show called ‘In Search Of The New Partridge Family’ on Vh1. I ended up making to the final eight and went to LA for a Acting/Performance boot camp,” said Geiger. While in LA, I met the immensely talented Billy Mann and that’s how it all started.”

As someone who has experienced reality television before, I know how much strength and endurance has to come with being a part of it, not only physically but also mentally. To get started in the industry by something like that, and still maintain full control over the artist that you see yourself growing into, is commendable.

Geiger has not only been on the radio, the silver screen, and television, but has also co-written songs with artists such as One Direction.

“I really enjoy writing for other people,” he said when asked about this pair-up. “When we were writing the song it wasn’t for anything specific. We actually made up a fictional band called Bobby Roddick and did four tunes. The guys [One Direction] heard the song and wanted it. Needless to say I was psyched.”

Psyched is probably an understatement, but what isn’t there to be psyched about? With a booming career in every direction and a private life that’s remained private, Geiger should be so proud of all he’s manage to accomplish at such a young age. The kind of fame most people dream about is the kind where they’re known well enough to be recognized, but can still live a life where no one follows them to the corner store and I think Geiger is the epitome of stardom for that reason.

His music reflects truth, and his passion shows that he stands behind it every step of the way. If you haven’t heard his new album, The Last Fears, I suggest you take a listen. My number one pick; “Ordinary Man.”