Keeping Our Campus Clean

The Charger Bulletin

Recently, it has dawned upon me that the university has become filled with trash. The area outside of the Quick Zone and Sandella’s is constantly littered with napkins and wrappers of all sorts. It seems to bother me a bit that the students we have on campus complain that our campus doesn’t look as nice as some other colleges. It’s not like the university hasn’t provided the proper receptacles for trash. There is a trash can right between the Quick Zone and Sandella’s. Please let’s start using it.

Also the area outside the first floor of Kaplan hall is flooded with cigarette butts. This seems like a pretty simple issue of placing a smoking receptacle there so students have a cleaner and safer place to dispose of their butts. Nevertheless, I assume it is easier for students to simply throw their butts on the ground and wait for someone else to pick it up.

Please keep in mind that our campus can only be as clean as we make it. Throwing your garbage on the ground is not only harmful to the environment but disrespectful to the university. Please next time you have some trash, take a look around and find a garbage can.