Keeping Away From the Kardashians


Caitlin Carney

I absolutely cannot stand Kim Kardashian. While I’m all for wearing what you want and being a strong feminine icon, Kim is not an icon at all. She’s just flat out trashy and she really does not deserve her fame in the slightest.

My biggest issue with her is that she dresses the way she does (provocatively), and that she’s a mother. Once you’re responsible for a child, you have to stop dressing how you want, and start being a good role model for your children. I don’t mean that once you have kids you have to wear a turtleneck for the rest of your life, but you should be considerate of what your children are seeing. I doubt many kids would love to see their mom walking around with her breasts hanging out, or in a really tight dress. It’s really just all about the child’s comfort level. If you’re “old,” as your kids would call you, and you’re prancing through the streets in crop tops and short shorts, your kids are going to be embarrassed and a little creeped out.

Another huge problem I have with her is how she got famous in the first place. I seriously do not understand why someone leaking a sex tape of you leads you to becoming famous. This is moreso a problem I have with society than I have with her. The fact that making a sex tape makes you famous is ridiculous. It’s unfair for her to have found fame that way, while mostly every other famous person got their start by working hard and having real talent. I understand there being a huge commotion over her when the sex tape was first released, but the fact that she remained famous and even gained a TV show about her and her family from that is absurd.

However, I am also a firm non-believer in reality TV in general. I don’t understand how people can be famous just for being famous. It may be petty of me because I, personally, am not famous for being famous and that’s upsetting; however, people making money just because of their personalities is absolutely stupid to me. Seeing as Kim Kardashian’s entire fame is simply based off of her personality is why I am such a strong disbeliever in her image.

While everyone else is curling up on the couch or in bed on Sunday nights to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I’m going to be keeping away from the Kardashians.