Independent Greek Council Hosts Recruitment


Karina Krul, Student Life Editor

Last week (Feb. 13- Feb. 17) was recruitment for the Independent Greek Council and included three Greek organizations on campus: Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Sigma Kappa, and Kappa Kappa Psi.

Alpha Phi Omega and Kappa Kappa Psi are both co-ed service fraternities, with the latter being a fraternity exclusive to students involved in band. Alpha Sigma Kappa is a sorority for women with STEM majors. All three organizations had a theme for the week, although Alpha Phi Omega and Alpha Sigma Kappa’s were more interactive. Kappa Kappa Psi’s theme centered on the fact that this class is their Beta class, with their recruitment flyer featuring a coral reef background. Alpha Phi Omega’s theme was Harry Potter and Alpha Sigma Kappa’s theme was ‘Travel Around the World,’ both of which influenced the week’s activities.

“I believe that we had a great turn-out, while we did not get the number of people we were hoping for, the people we got are so wonderful that I could not be more excited for them to take the next step to being a brother,” said Kelly of Alpha Phi Omega’s recruitment week. The week was a similar success for all organizations involved.

Alpha Phi Omega’s week resembled a House Cup challenge, according to Vice President or recruitment, Mary Kate Kelly. It began on Monday with ‘Meet the Brothers,’ which included potential members answering Pottermore questions which were used to sort them into houses. Tuesday was their informational where potential members learned about the organization as well as what house they were sorted into, and Wednesday was ‘Meet the Families’ where families within the organization created events that could earn potential members points. Service night was Thursday and consisted of the making of ‘Blessing Bags,’ everyone brought in items that could be donated to community organizations and bags were made to be dropped off. Friday ended their week with their invite only, at which the winner of the House Cup was announced and new members were given their bids, disguised as Hogwarts Acceptance letters.

Alpha Sigma Kappa’s week ran Monday to Saturday and centered around “traveling the world with the sisters of Alpha Sigma Kappa.” Monday night’s theme was New York City and John F. Kennedy, Tuesday’s was Valentine’s in Tokyo, Wednesday’s was Tea in Wales and London, and Thursday was Salsa Dancing in Barcelona. Friday and Saturday were both their invitation only nights for the potential members that would be invited into their sisterhood.

Kappa Kappa Psi had a similar structure to Alphi Phi Omega, running from Monday to Friday, but altered from the two in the sense that there was no theme linking the days. Monday began the week with icebreakers, including games such as two truths and a lie and guessing which facts belonged to which member. Tuesday was a speed dating event in honor of Valentine’s Day, where potential members spent a specific amount of time at each table talking to current brothers. Music night was Wednesday, which included a game of musical chairs and Thursday brought formal interview night, where potential members spoke with current brothers in a more formal setting. Friday night was their invite only where potential members who were invited into the organization received their bids.

“My favorite part of the week by far is watching them realize they are receiving their bids; watching the excitement in their faces and knowing that all of the work we put into recruitment was so worth it to see how happy they were is a feeling unlike any other,” explained Kelly, summing up the important take-away from the long week.