In Response to the Reaction of Last Week’s SigSuit Article

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I’m writing this article in reaction to the SigSuit article published in last week’s The Charger Bulletin. Or, more specifically, the comments published online about the article.

It is cult-like reactions such as these, which include verbally attacking and insulting anybody who expresses an opinion that differentiates from yours, that causes people to publish articles under the protection of anonymity. Cowardice, as many of you suggested, has nothing to do with it; or rather, not the way in which you imply. If you can have such over-the-top, inherently rude reactions to an opinion that isn’t supposed to be bolstered by factual information, because it is an opinion article (you can look it up in the dictionary if that word is foreign to you), and doesn’t even mention the character of Greeks or Greek life, can you really expect the person to use their name?

Why would anybody associate their name with an opinion that would elicit such a strong, negative reaction? Should they choose to do so, they can most certainly expect to be harassed in person in the same way that you “gentlemen” and women do behind your own keyboards in the safety of your own rooms. (By the way, maybe you all should pay attention to the ways in which you conduct yourselves online just as much as you do in public, because, in my opinion–although that in and of itself may cause it to be completely invalid—that matters just as much as trying to hide any alcohol in pictures posted on social media. But I digress.)

Whether it’s “frat” or “fraternity,” it’s not the way in which the organization is referred to that gives it the bad rap—it’s the way you behave when somebody expresses a negative opinion about an event affiliated with your organization. When you’re out in the real world, you may very well come across a situation in which somebody says something bad about something pertaining to your company. And, if and when this happens, you are not going to get anywhere by badmouthing the expresser—it looks immature and unprofessional.

I do not know whether the writer of the SigSuit article was trying to use the event as an example to point out a common problem, as some commenters hypothesized, or whether he or she was commenting specifically on their reasoning for not attending and supporting SigSuit (which was the premise of her article, if you read it with an open mind and weren’t so quick to attack because the writer had an opinion different than yours).

However, I do know that this person had every right to express their opinion, whether you agree with it or not. Attacking people for expressing their opinions, or the newspaper in which those opinions are published, does nothing but wholly disprove your constant arguments that you’re kind, respectful, approachable people.

But if you don’t like that person’s opinion, then go ahead and put your name on an article and have it published instead of anonymously bashing one, unnamed person for his or her opinion.


6 Responses to “In Response to the Reaction of Last Week’s SigSuit Article”

  1. A. Nony Mous on November 26th, 2015 2:48 am

    PREACH! Thank you for this editorial.

    One of the main problems I see with Greek organizations & their members, at least quite often on this campus, is that they are not willing to accept criticism. They get so much “unfair” criticism that they can’t filter out good, constructive criticism from the rest. As such, they get very blindly protective and go with a default “check yourself” reaction. That’s just one of many reasons why I do not support fraternities and sororities in general, and would never even consider joining that hivemind. Yes, these Greek orgs can still have some genuinely open-minded members, and each member and org can have good qualities. However, even the most rotten of produce can still have safe-to-eat parts.

    Thank God this can be posted anonymously, or else all of my Greek friends would skewer me.

  2. Anonymous on December 4th, 2015 11:37 am

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that is not what was wrong with the article, what was wrong was that the author basically told all the girls who competed that they have no self respect and the author is better because they dress modestly and “respect” themselves. Big shock, but you can wear a bikini and still respect yourself. It’s okay to voice your opinion, but do it respectfully. The problem isn’t that greeks attack anyone that bashes them, the greeks were simply just protecting the girls who competed, some who weren’t even greek.

  3. Brian Dinse on December 14th, 2015 9:37 am

    First off, you criticize the commenters for attacking the author on having an opposing opinion, but fail to acknowledge, or realize, that is what the author had done was the same exact thing. This is America, we have the right to free speech, and if you want to write an opinion article, by all means go ahead, but by no means did the author have to say that the women who competed have no self-respect. If the only way you can make yourself look/feel good is to put others down, then you’re a shitty person. Unless you’re putting down ISIS, no one likes those guys.
    Call our responses ‘cult-like,’ but I’m going to come to the defense of my fraternity and friends any day of the week and twice on Sundays. While some articulated their opinions well, while others made jokes, I’m glad my brothers came to our defense.
    You state that ‘in the real world’ sometimes you have to bite your tongue when you’re given criticism, but the original article was not criticism. The author made my fraternity seem like a group of guys who exploit women and then attacked those who competed, many of whom I’m friends with. Sorry, but that’s not something you ignore. I was raised to rush to the defense friends, ideals and beliefs, and that’s what I’ll always do.
    Last but not least, you call out the commenters for posting anonymously, calling them keyboard warriors, when you’re no better yourself. You also posted anonymously, and why, because you’re afraid of what others will think of you? Our generation is quick to throw in our two cents, but no one wants to accept the responsibility of the following consequences.
    Maybe that’s why our generation wants to send more troops to fight, but only 16% are willing to come along with me. *sips tea*

  4. Anonymous on December 14th, 2015 10:22 am

    It’s funny because you are doing exactly what you are blaming a group of people for doing. You attack them for their beliefs and ideals while hiding behind your keyboard while you talk about how wrong it is to do so. This is the most hypocritical thing I’ve ever read.

  5. Anonymous on December 14th, 2015 10:35 am

    Hey, Wastup, Hello,

    So the entire point of the event was to raise money for CHILDREN who are fighting for their lives. Second, every person who participated in the event did so at their OWN free will. In fact if you had been to the event you would of seen a bunch of guys dressed up and dancing like shmucks with barely anything on. As you stated everyone has an opinion, and so do the people who commented on the original article. Cult like reactions would be that of people all from one group, if you didn’t notice there were all walks of life commenting on that article because they disagreed. Not to mention, most of the people on this campus ARNT the same person. If you could have an “over-the-top reaction” by writing this article and blowing out of proportion everything that got swept under the rug, then maybe you should check yourself. You point out that originally this wasn’t a Greek thing, well now your making it because what was originally attacking the event, your now attacking a specific group of people on this campus. Plus, if you didn’t know, this is the real world. What you can’t wrap your brain around is that when you said yes to coming to UNH, when you signed those loans, when you sit down to take that final, this is the real world. However it’s people like you who have blinders and forget things like that. How I act on this campus, is exactly how I act in the “real world.” When I get respect I give it right back to you, when you have an opinion I accept it even if I don’t agree with it, but when you are attack a group of people, in this case the Greek community, then I have lost respect for you. Next time you try and complain about people complaining and hiding behind their keyboard, how about you don’t do the same exact thing and feed the fire. “But if you don’t like that person’s opinion, then go ahead and put your name on an article and have it published instead of anonymously bashing one, unnamed person for his or her opinion.” Feel free to cite yourself on that one. The pussification of America continues.

  6. Jordan Roy on December 15th, 2015 3:00 am

    You slammed the people who commented against the other article as if they told the individual to kill themselves and their entire family. I went and read those comments and the article and my oh my do you blow it out of proportion. The comments were for the most part very respectful and well stated. It is an opinion article and people are allowed to have opinions against it and state them. Both this article and the original are fundamentally flawed in their arguments. They are not logically sound and therefore have no true stance on either matter. Nothing is truly anonymous. This world has grown too sensitive. Survival of the fittest would decimate those who cannot accept a valid opposition to their argument.

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In Response to the Reaction of Last Week’s SigSuit Article