Gravity Senses


Alison McCarthy

A humid night, strobe lights, and tapestries surrounded Brendan Regan, Chris Rivera, and Vinny Nicosia as they played their sixth show together as Gravity Senses.  Last year, only two weeks after moving in as freshman and living in the same suite, Gravity Senses was born. “That’s just what happens when you put a bunch of people who love music together,” said Rivera.  

Regan is the lead guitarist and vocals, Rivera is on drums, and Nicosia on bass.  They all come from very different musical backgrounds, which contributes to their sound.  Regan played in a band previously, while the others did not.  Rivera and Nicosia are music and sound recording majors, and Regan is a communications major at the University of New Haven.

Gravity Senses is an alternative/vibe rock band based out of West Haven.  Their most recent show was September 4 at the Galaxy in West Haven. Regan currently writes lyrics for the band, but they plan on collaborating more in the future.  Only three days before their Galaxy performance, they wrote a completely new song and decided they were going to play it.

“We had no idea how it was going to come out,” said Nicosia, “But we liked how it turned out.”  

The original name for the band was not actually Gravity Senses.  The group went back and forth on a couple different names, attempting to create an acronym for “drugs.” Defining Reality Under Gravity Senses became the name of their first song, and that’s when they decided on Gravity Senses.  

“We wanted it to happen naturally and not force it,” said Nicosia.

Over the summer, the band played at The Space in Hamden, CT.  Nothing seemed to be going as planned for them prior to the show.  Pieces of equipment were missing, they did not know what time they were going on stage, they were having issues with their merchandise, and became convinced nothing was going to go right.  Despite their issues, their actual performance turned out great.  They felt good about how they played and the crowds reaction.

As a band, they plan on performing many more shows together and continuing to create new music.

“We’re diving in head first and not letting anything stop us, you know? We’re going to keep writing and keep playing until we can’t anymore,” said Rivera.

For more information about Gravity Senses, you can visit their Facebook page.