Graduate and Live


Ryan Astaphan, Founder,

The relative ease of life today’s youth enjoys was made possible due the hard work of earlier generations. The goal of those earlier generations was to find a career that would provide them with life-long stability.
These career-driven individuals went on to build families. Their children did not see the struggle from which their parents came, instead all they saw was a routine life dedicated to work.

Today’s students are able to chart a unique course: seeking the fulfillment of their passions. For them adventure is the only constant, change is the only routine. And their dearest friend, technology, is enabling them to do this.

Freelancing over the computer and internet is allowing students and graduates alike to utilize their skills learned in university in exchange for cold hard cash (transferred digitally into their bank account of course).

“A traditional career isn’t for everybody. Most people aren’t averse to work; but today people want to be the ones in control of their own life. Thankfully for them, they can make a living now working online via freelancing. Freelancing can be a way to fund your travels or support yourself before jumping into the real world or it can be an introduction into entrepreneurship,” said Ryan Astaphan, a history major who made his money in freelancing before moving to Thailand. Ryan is also the creator of
Freelancing is simply an alternative hiring method. Instead of committing to a long-term position, you can work on individual projects. These projects are accessible to everyone, from writers to accountants to designers and even engineers.

Many job boards exist online that link a worldwide audience of freelancers with those that need their services. In many cases there is nothing preventing would-be freelancers from jumping in – registration is simple and the job boards require no signup fees. Like doing well in university, though, success does not come magically.

“Any student or graduate of today’s generation who doesn’t mind working from the computer should be able to make money. They are tech-literate and well-educated,” said Ryan.

“If what you do in life is more important to you than what you do for work, I urge you to give freelancing a try. The skills you’ll learn doing so will be valuable to you as a person and to future employers if you decide to head down that route. And of course you can make money. But just like in university, success doesn’t come down just to your effort. You have professors there as a support system. Good luck to you in whatever path you take in life, but remember to not stop learning just because you graduated.”