Going Green


Last week the USGA, under the direction of USGA Vice President and Community Relations Chair, Wilfred Burrows, organized a community service event where students went around campus and into the surrounding community to pick up trash. The event started at 6:00 p.m. behind the Marvin K. Peterson Library and students traveled up and down Ruden Street from McDonald’s all the way to Forest Hills. With a total of over 40 student participants, the USGA was able to collect several large trash bags full of garbage.

The event coincided with the University’s Sustainability Day where the university highlighted steps that are being taken to make the campus much greener. These steps include Zip Cars that will hopefully be on campus starting next year, the installation of florescent lights throughout campus and the installation of light sensors for offices. The university is also looking into adding control measures for the heating systems in the buildings which draw the most amount of energy. Several buildings on campus require a worker from facilities to physically turn on and off the heat in the buildings. With more effective controls the university will be saving energy and money that can then be turned into more student oriented projects.