Getting from point A to point B

Alex Halfinger

As a freshman, the only main form of transportation at the University of New Haven is the small, mid-size chariot, known as the shuttle. It does exactly what it’s meant to do—get you from point A to B, but as glorious as it sounds, it still has its issues.

alex bw

The most common issue with the UNH shuttles is obvious, and, for lack of a better word, annoying; the shuttle is constantly late and, as a result, there are no definite departure or arrival times.

Sure, you have to take into consideration the instances of traffic or bad weather, but when the roads are clear and the sun is shining bright, is there really any excuse that can be made for the micro-bus?

When planning out what time you want to leave for a destination, you must add on an extra 30 minutes because of the constant wait for the shuttle. The inconsideration of timeliness and punctuality is a major inconvenience for students that use this service.

A simple Wal-Mart trip can turn into an all day affair of waiting around for the shuttle to come. Why must we be the culprits of the shuttle’s tardiness?

As impatience grows, we must try to remember the bright side of the UNH shuttle; it serves as a carrier of the public, on and off campus. It is the “mom’s minivan” that we all pile into to go to the mall and it’s a free resource provided by UNH.

UNH Shuttle (Charger Bulletin photo)
UNH Shuttle (Charger Bulletin photo)

Even being as much of a pest as the shuttle is, the all-knowing promise of escaping campus for an hour or two is a joyous feeling.

Just remember to consider the extra time you’ll be waiting at the shuttle stop.