Friends with Benefits

Samantha Shinn

There are two best friends living in New York City who take advantage of their mutually single status and embark on a journey as friends with benefits, testing their feelings and perspectives in this heart-warming love story about loneliness and friendship.

Friends with Benefits was directed by Will Gluck in the Screen Gems studios. The main characters are played by Mila Kunis (Jamie), Justin Timberlake (Dylan), and Patricia Clarkson (Lorna), Jamie’s funny and inconvenient mother. Friends with Benefits came out July 22, 2011 and is rated R for language and strong sexual content.

Jamie and Dylan become best friends when she gets him a great job at the GQ magazine headquarters in New York City; their connection is instantaneous with Jamie’s abrasive and witty characteristics blending perfectly with Dylan’s sarcasm and intelligence, but there’s one thing missing in their lives: sex. Jamie and Dylan embark on the adventure of their lives trying to stay emotionally disconnected from each other. They brave flash mobs, Dylan’s family, Jamie’s ditzy mother, and many other obstacles on their way to love and happiness.

This movie is a classic chick flick and the target audience is girls between the ages of 16 and 24. This movie is so hilarious at every turn and situation that Dylan and Jamie go through. I highly recommend this to anyone needing to see a feel good comedy.