Freeform’s Famous in Love Premiere


Lauren Cohen, Staff Writer

Fans of both Pretty Little Liars as well as Bella Thorne have been awaiting the arrival of the new Freeform show Famous In Love. The show is created by I. Marlene King, the same creator of Pretty Little Liars. Famous in Love is about a college student, Paige Townsen, who is cast in the lead role of a movie Locked. The show follows her journey to stardom and the struggles she faces.

Paige Townsen is played by Bella Thorne who is best known for her role in the Disney series Shake It Up. Cassandra, one of Paige’s best friends and roommates, is the one who encourages her to go to the open casting call. Cassandra is played by Georgie Flores, and it is her first major role. Paige’s other roommate, best friend and possible love interest, Jake, is played by Charlie DePew. DePew is best known for his roles in The Amazing Spider-Man series.

The stars of Locked are Rainer, Alexis, Jordan, and Tangey. Rainer is the lead role in the movie, and another possible love interest for Paige. Rainer, played by Carter Jenkins, is best known for his roles in Struck by Lightning, Valentine’s Day, and Aliens in the Attic. Rainer and Jordan used to be friends until Jordan slept with Rainers girlfriend, Tangey. Jordan is played by Keith Powers, who is best known for his role on MTV’s Faking It. Tangey is played by Pepi Sonuga, who is best known for her role on The Fosters. Alexis is the “mean girl” in the show, and she is played by Niki Koss who is best known for her role in My Stepdaughter.

Rainer’s momager, Nina, seems to think she knows what’s best for him, and toward the end of the episode a plot twist arises. Nina is played by Perry Reeves who is best known for her role in Entourage. Suspicion arises when Cassie runs into someone it looks like she knows well. Who is he? You’ll have to watch the rest of the series to find out!

I am personally obsessed with the show, and have been watching as many episodes as I can since last Tuesday night (April 18th). One thing that Freeform is doing differently with Famous In Love is that they are allowing people to binge watch the whole season on the Freeform app, trying to establish themselves as a relevant streaming service.

Fans took to twitter to state their thoughts on the premiere. There were mixed reviews: some loved it, others, not so much, and others are totally hooked. I know I am! Can Paige handle both school and fame? Will Locked be a success? Who will she end up with? You will just have to watch to see!