Fantastic Albums You Need Now Part II

Ileana Alvarez-Diaz

Hellogoodbye just keeps getting better.

The quirky indie-pop band from Long Beach, California, has evolved tremendously since releasing their breakthrough album: Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! Lead singer/songwriter Forrest Kline and his rotating band mates; created one killer album for you to hear. Check out Everything Is Debatable!

To start (with fireworks), the album kicks off with “And Everything Becomes a Blur,” which is a quirky pick-me-up with various hypnotic samples mashing together; creating such a rich, lush and unique sound— the first track and they already had me hooked.

As the album plays on, “The Magic Hour Is Now,” a slow echo of synth beats and “Just Don’t,” a disco-infused party itself, make the album shine. These songs strengthen the new indie direction Kline has gone in. This different sound, compared to their previous albums, is what makes them so good to listen to.

Moreover, “Summer of the Lilly Pond,” takes center stage and it’s as if you’re getting a private concert from Kline himself. There’s so much charisma and feel in his voice; the brass section here brings you to New Orleans for a devilish finale. You want to dance with him I swear. The melodies are so fierce; perfect, and so fierce.

Overall, Hellogoodbye has reached adulthood with Everything Is Debatable. The clear and lush sounds make this album perfect for pick-me-ups and rainy days on tumblr. Kline’s vocals showcase his fascinating ability to charm listeners with a modern form of doo-wop.

Honestly, check out this album! It is so good it hurts. Hellogoodbye will be here at the Mohegan Sun Arena with Paramore and Metric on Nov. 17, so go get your tickets now!