Envy On The Coast To Play Saturday Night

The Charger Bulletin

Alt-rock band Envy on the Coast will be playing the University of New Haven this Saturday, September 5, at 7:30pm in the German Club.

Admittance is free for all UNH students, and one guest is allowed per UNH student.

Here is more information on the band, provided from fans on Wikipedia.

Envy On The Coast is made up of the ashes of three former Long Island bands, the pop punk tinged 3 Minute Warning and Kingston 12, and the post-hardcore band Guilt Like Gravity (formerly known as The Prizefighter, a band featuring the original singer of Taking Back Sunday). The band was formerly known as “Writ in Water” and “New Atlantic” and had a different drummer named Alex Schatz who left the band for college. Dan Gluszak (formerly of Guilt like Gravity) then joined. The band recorded a 5 song EP with producer Bryan Russell which was officially released September 19 through Photo Finish Records. The band is being managed by Straylight Run’s Will Noon, and were featured in April’s issue of Alternative Press.

The band’s first full length CD was released on August 7, 2007 and is entitled Lucy Gray. The artwork for Lucy Gray was done by Drew Roulette who is the bassist for the band dredg. FYE was reported by the band in a radio interview to have labeled the CD by “Easy on the Coast.” The song title “I’m Breathing…Are You Breathing Too?” is taken from a line of Robert Bolt’s novel A Man For All Seasons. The song title “…Because All Suffering Is Sweet to Me” is taken from the last words of Saint Thérèse. The CD title itself is from the poem “Lucy Gray” by William Wordsworth. Envy on the Coast has released two music videos from the CD for the songs “Sugar Skulls” and “Mirrors.” “Mirrors” was shot in Paris, France.

They were on MTV2’s $2 Bill tour featuring 30 Seconds to Mars, Head Automatica, and Cobra Starship. In the Spring of 2007, Envy took part in the first Alternative Press tour. In the summer of 2007 the band did a month-long stint on the Vans Warped Tour. In September 2007 the band toured with The Receiving End of Sirens and Emanuel with rotating guest openers Bela Kiss and Hopesfall.

The band was featured in a Kerrang! Magazine article “Your 10 New Favourite Bands” in July 2007.

In September and October 2007, the band supported Madina Lake, with Halifax and My American Heart on their tour in the United Kingdom.

In November, Envy on the Coast had to cancel the tour with From First to Last and several college dates after lead singer Ryan Hunter’s vocal problems worsened so that he could have time to visit specialists and heal. However, instead of canceling their hometown show in Long Island, Envy on The Coast took the stage without Ryan and had the audience sing their set for them. The band quickly resumed touring once Ryan was better with a 5-date holiday tour at the end of December 2007 with Anthony Green.

In January and February 2008 Envy on the Coast were part of the first Pac Sun Tour with The Audition, Danger Radio, and Another Day Late. In late February 2008, the band headed to Australia to play the Soundwave Festival and played club shows in Sydney and Melbourne with Saosin and headliner Thursday. On May 2, Envy on the Coast will support one of the last shows of The Receiving End Of Sirens. The band played at the Give It A Name festival in England in May. Envy on the Coast toured with Underoath in September 2008 along with Oh, Sleeper.

Envy on the Coast is currently working on their sophomore album, but they will be supporting on Taking Back Sunday’s holiday tour in December as well as headlining four holiday shows of their own in the New York area.

Released in January of 2009, a photography book covering a single band. Southern Comfort, authored and published by Emily Driskill, a Gold Record winning photographer, illustrates tour life with Envy on the Coast.

Envy on the Coast posted a blog on myspace on February 9th, 2009 stating that they have parted ways with their drummer Dan Gluszak.

The band will be doing a full North American tour this spring with Taking Back Sunday and Anberlin.

The band has been playing two new songs at recent shows, which are introduced as songs that will appear on their new record. One of which is called “The Devils Tongue.”

On June 16 2009, Ryan and Brian from Envy on the Coast did a video interview with Indie Star TV  where they stated that the full-length has been pushed back to 2010 and that no guest vocals including Corey Taylor will appear on the record.