Electronic Books and Journals Are on the Library Website? Sweet!

Marion Sachdeva

The Library subscribes to thousands of books and journals online, available for UNH students to use for research. These are accessible on the Library web site Database list, using your UNH network log-on, from anywhere in the world.

The books cover many topics, for example: Science and Engineering (Knovel books and EngNetBase books), Business and society (Conference Board research reports, NBER Working Paper research reports), Forensic Science/Law Enforcement, and Reference books (dictionaries and encyclopedias) on every imaginable topic (CREDO Reference, Gale Virtual Reference Library E-books for Colleges). You can pull up a whole book, or search the databases by topic and get chapters in various books which contain your topic.

Journal articles, especially from “peer-reviewed” scholarly and research journals, are at the core of academic research and essential background for writing research paper as discussed in the previous Charger Bulletin’s Library article. The UNH library pays for subscriptions to thousands of e-journals for your use. We have many databases which include their published articles, both general ones with broad subject coverage such as the Academic Onefile, and subject specialty databases such as Criminal Justice Periodicals, PsychArticles, Literary Reference Center, and Science and History Resource Centers.  We also subscribe to collections from various publishers whose journals cover topics relevant to academics at UNH, such as Sage Publications and the IEEE Computer Society. There are the many highly-regarded “open source” scholarly journals, which make their contents available freely on the web, such as the Highwire Press journals for sciences. You will also find Newspaper articles: useful for writing case studies and researching local events and people. All of these are available via the Library web Database list.

If you have a question while searching the databases you can request help at the information desk in the library or if you are anywhere else, you can call the information desk at 932-7189, or email us at [email protected]