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DJ Khaled is Taking Over

Glenn Rohrbacker

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DJ Khlaed is known for his club hits “All I Do is Win,” “I’m On One,” and several more. However, aside from being an accomplished DJ, musician, businessman and motivational speaker, he has one more skill under his belt: Snapchat. DJ Khaled is without a doubt the new King of Snapchat. If you haven’t seen him on Snapchat or even his motivational videos, you are surely missing out. People use Snapchat for different things, but DJ Khaled just takes it to another level. Not only are 90% of his videos high quality, but there are so many of them. He snaps from when he wakes up and takes you throughout his day, whether it be working on music, business endeavors, exercising, eating, performing, meeting fans and more.

DJ Khaled (Getty image)

DJ Khaled
(Getty image)

Recently he went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! To show Jimmy how to use and become a master of Snapchat. Khlaed took Jimmy through the different stages of his night, documenting each one. He spent some time in his limo, teaching Jimmy about life and success – snapchatting it all. If you don’t know, DJ Khaled has a lot of common phrases he uses to communicate with fans.  These include “major key,” which means that something is a major key to success. “___ Alert!!!” means simply that he’s doing an activity or that something is happening around him. He also references “they” often. “They don’t want you to win,” he says. “They” refers to all the people that tell you no or that you’re not going to succeed – DJ Khaled wants you to stay away from these people.    “Don’t ever play yourself” is another phrase he uses often, which basically means “don’t be a fool” or something to that effect. He uses it to show people that if they thought he would give up, that he would never. He has even gotten angling and point of view down to a science. He knows where to put the camera and how to angle it to make sure his new shoes got in the shot. He also knows how to bend it around to catch a view of his new haircut. DJ Khaled doesn’t do this by accident. He knows exactly what he’s doing and wants to share his life with the world.

DJ Khaled has been a revitalizing force in social media since he started with it. The crazy thing is – he’s only been on Snapchat since October. With the kind of skills and stamina he has for the platform, you would think that he was part of the team who invented it. In his snapchats, you can see the fans he meets repeating back these iconic phrases to him, proving that he has created a brand that goes beyond his music.

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DJ Khaled is Taking Over