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Dear Obamas,

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(Photo by AP)

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Khaaliq Crowder

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Dear President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle,

To be honest, it’s a bittersweet feeling as an African American or a person of color to see

your presidential term come to end. As an African American born in the late 90s and

raised in the 21st century on the east coast, I never dealt first-hand with racism or racial

discrimination from whites. However in elementary school, I and several other black

student were always taught about how lucky we were as African Americans were

historically hated and dehumanized by white people who has historically reigned


Even as a black millennials growing up I questioned was there more that black people

were capable off besides the norm: rap music or basketball. That’s why when you ran for

President, we heard your story and eventually won, which was a great feeling. It felt like

for a moment African Americans finally reached a pinnacle turning point in our history.

My family and friends even agreed how refreshing it was to have a family that looked

like us (no blonde hair and blue eyes) living in the White House.

I can honestly say from my point of view, you’ve done a lot and many more as a

president that people fail to recognize. Ending the embargo, commuting drug sentences

and capturing Osama Bin Linden are few examples for those who remain ignorant.

Every time there was a tragic death of a black man or woman, you were there to address.

I’ll never forget when you said Trayvon Martin could’ve been my son or me.

I always heard from white people that they can’t stand you. I’m here to tell you it’s okay

you’re always going to have haters and people who try to bring you and your family

down but you handle the criticism very well. I also hear “you only like Obama because

he’s black.” I mean that’s partly the reason because to be honest I’m pretty sure 98% of

the presidents before Obama we’ve had did not care about black people or people of

color. However, Ben Carson was running for president and I was nowhere near head

over heels for him which makes the argument irrelevant.

Michelle Obama, you’re also a breath of fresh air. Growing up in lower class Chicago

dictated how your future would turn out. I read how you attended Princeton how you

felt like an alien on the campus as there was very few blacks and a whole lot of rich kids.

I wonder how salty your classmates of yours who refused to speak to you outside of class

or the racist parents of your former roommates feels now.

Even as a black woman being an associate at the law firm, you were poised and rigid on

what you needed to do and where you planned to go. I also appreciate how as a First

Lady you refuse to sit and look pretty, but instead create your legacy. Whether it’s

slaying in the dresses you wear to the formal events, promoting healthy eating, physical

activity or even making fun videos with television personal, like James Corden.

It’s amazing to see your two daughters on the right path and overall being normal


Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are my choices to be the next president and it’s pretty

dreadful. One just normalizes hate and ignorance while the other puts on a front.

Whoever is our next president, though, will never compare to the legacy and place you

two will have in my heart forever. This will be something I’ll be able to tell the future

generation of black kids and kids of color that you truly can do anything you put your

mind, too.

Remember even though you’re leaving the White House in January, I’ll continue to

follow you guys on your next moves.


Khaaliq Crowder

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Dear Obamas,