Deal or No Deal

Isaak Kifle

On Friday, November 4, Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, along with SCOPE, held Deal or No Deal in the German Club beginning at 10:00 p.m. The popular game show presents contestants with a series of cases or in this case, Trader Joe bags, each containing a piece of paper representing a prize. Contestants first select one of the sixteen bags to hold without knowing which prize is inside, and then one-by-one eliminate the other bags, in the process learning which prizes they’ve eliminated their chances of winning.

As this occurs, a banker offers a constantly fluctuating amount of money in gift cards to the contestant, which they have the option of taking instead of any of the bag prizes. Once all but one bag have been eliminated, the contestant has the final option of either accepting the banker’s final offer, taking the prize in the bag they originally selected, or switching it for the prize in the last remaining bag. Following the end of a contestant’s turn, the prizes are shuffled into different bags to prepare for the next contestant.

Everyone that attended Deal or No Deal on Friday was given a raffle ticket. LAU Advisor Lynn Derobertis randomly selected tickets and handed them to the host, LAU Sergeant-at-Arms Tristian Rosario to announce contestants. Prizes that could be won included lanyards, water bottles, food baskets, board games, and varying amounts of gift cards as well as larger prizes like CDs, DVDs, a printer, Beats by Dre, a Sony Digital Camera, a 32GB IPod Touch, an IPod alarm clock, an HP Laptop, a PlayStation 3, a 32″ Plasma TV, a 47″ Plasma TV, and even a free hug!

The first contestant picked by the raffle, Danielle, began by selecting bag 12 and began eliminating other bags one-by one as well as rejecting every offer by the banker. In the end, she stuck with her original pick, which contained the IPod alarm clock. The second contestant, Robert proceeded similarly by selecting bag one, eliminated the other bags, and rejected offers by the banker. At one point, the banker even offered $90, but Robert chose to continue with his bag. In the end, it paid off tremendously, and he won the 47″ TV!

The third contestant, Hayley, also chose bag 12, but gave it up early for an offer by the banker for $65, which was unfortunate as the bag turned out to have the 32″ TV in it. The fourth contestant, Shannon, initially picked the bag with the Playstation 3, but also gave it up for gift card money. The fifth person, Mina, eliminated everything else for a lanyard. The sixth contestant, Brent, gave up a DVD for $10 in gift cards, while the seventh, Jake, had better luck and gave up a bag with a lanyard for an offer of $100. Four more contestants had the chance to play, but none of them won the major prizes. At that point, the remaining lanyards, gift cards, and other small prizes were given away to the audience members with giveaway tickets.

Listening to the audience’s reactions to all of the contestants’ decisions, it was clear that everyone in attendance enjoyed the event. Thanks to LAU and SCOPE for keeping everyone entertained that night!