COVID Life: Continue or vanish?

Tiana Frias, Contributing Writer

During this ongoing pandemic, society has picked up new, technology-based practices. Things such as virtual snow days, Zoom office hours and virtual dates have become a normal thing for everyone in the past year. But just because we’ve picked these up to continue life, does that mean it’ll continue post-COVID?

One thing that has become prevalent since COVID-19, became known as a serious threat is Zoom calls and the need to conduct online schooling. In the colder months, schools found themselves faced with the issue of snow days. However, online learning allows schools to easily continue teaching on the coldest days of the year – is it fair for the students?

For years, children from colder areas have always looked forward to snow days. Being able to bundle up and run outside after waking up to play in the snow, then running inside hours later to a warm cup of hot chocolate is a tradition many are accustomed to. Is taking that joy away from kids worth it for another day of school? For kids who are completely remote, it could be a chance to step away from screens for the day and have some fun. A snow day could be the perfect cure for the stress everyone has been through the past year.

As a freshman in college, I’ve had my fair share of virtual office hours and other important Zoom calls, especially in the last few weeks. Virtual calls are just another element that has become part of everyone’s daily lives. Personally, I find virtual calls to be convenient for short calls or something quick that you may not want to go in person for, but too long to email about. Others may disagree and feel like virtual calls take away the personal feeling of a meeting, but I believe both ways work best. Virtual calls also bring the opportunity to meet with a professor in between classes, especially if you have a busy schedule. I think that both in-person and virtual meetings should be offered post-COVID-19.

Virtual dates have become something that couples have taken part in since the first quarantine began. Staying safe and being able to spend time with your partner is both something that is especially important for someone in a relationship, especially in the early days of the pandemic. Many took to Zoom and other platforms such as Netflix Party to stay connected while being apart.

Of course, there are those who have been in long-distance relationships long before the pandemic started, and had to make virtual dates work, but, now, everyone got creative during the pandemic as well. In general, virtual dates can be fun and help to stay connected, but I don’t think it’s the same as being with the person you love in a face-to-face situation.

COVID-19 has definitely given us a lot of new things, but a few should stay in the past. Let’s let kids have their snow days and hold hands in the streets after this is all over.