College Boys and Their Feelings

The Charger Bulletin

By Anonymous

I am tired of boys telling me they do not want to date but then I am not allowed to talk to anyone else. If you are going to tell me you do not want a relationship with me at all, then you cannot get mad when I dance with other guys at the club, or cuddle with other guys or even talk to anyone else.

Exhibit A: This one kid I was talking to told me he wanted nothing to do with a relationship. I thought we were just hooking up but he would always say “come cuddle, it’s cold” or “I can’t sleep without cuddling with you first”.

About a week later he went crazy. He started making it so that I could not talk to friends of mine that were also his friends whenever he was around. I talked to them eventually and they all told me it was because he thought I had too many feelings for him. My friend and I found this incredibly funny because the entire time we were assuming he had feelings for me.

After we explained to his friends that he was being crazy, they talked to him and he decided that we could be friends again and start hooking up again. I just went with it and then he started being weird again for no reason. He started completely ignoring me, and blocked me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I do not know why he was ever mad but basically he is just crazy and needs a chill pill.

Exhibit B: Another kid I was talking to also told me he did not want a relationship either. Again I thought it was safe to assume we were just hooking up. One day while sitting on his bed with him I got a text from my cousin Mike. A few minutes later my phone vibrated again and he handed it to me and said “Who is it, Mike”? I checked and it was my friend Jake instead. When I told him this he told me I had too many guys in my life. Thinking he was kidding I only responded that I did not and moved on.

The next day he was not talking to me as much as usual and as a joke I told him he should sleep with my roommate because she seemed uptight and had not hooked up with anyone since she had gotten here. He did not take it as a joke, and he got really mad at me. He then proceeded to tell my roommate I had STDs. The sad thing is I am tested for that monthly because of a health issue. I had just been tested a few days prior and was clearly clean.

After his incredibly elaborate story about it to my roommate she told me that I should be worried about having an STD and get it checked out. When I told her I was just tested, she texted him and he decided to tell her it was all very obviously a joke. However, obviously you do not go into that much detail with a joke. A few days later when he decided he wanted to talk to me again I told him I was angry about the situation. He told me he was mad at my roommate for even telling me when he was clearly joking. He still tries now to be friends after that, but I am not okay with people starting rumors that I have STDs.

Basically, guys are stupid and need to make up their minds. If you want to talk to me, do not be dumb or annoying. If you like me, that is fine. If you do not, that is fine too. Just be clear and do not stop me from talking to other people if you do not tell me it is not okay to talk to them.