Chris Cappello and The Paper Tugboat

Ileana Alvarez-Diaz

September 29 was a perfect day for all William Beckett fans. But before we discuss his gorgeous hair and that voice of his, let’s get to know Chris Cappello and The Paper Tugboat.

Singer/songwriter Chris Cappello is just 17 and full of potential. From New Haven, he started writing music at 14 years old, and his EPs are well worth the ear. His EP titled “I’m Not Afraid of My Own Name,” holds soothing and hypnotizing songs brought on by his charismatic way of storytelling. These songs are perfect for those rainy days when you’re reminiscing and hot chocolate (or tea) is close by.

“Kendrick Park,” one of the songs on the EP, is all about that first kiss you have. The lyrics are so alluring that it was on replay the entire night. It’s remembering the moment you felt the world stop that really makes this song appealing. Whether that kiss was awkward and gross or amazing is up to you.

Another song, “The Once-Was Man,” is a song we wish our exes could hear. The good thing about any breakup is the inspiration given. The song mentions who’s to blame, who created the happiness and the burial of “us.” It is sad, but the song is beautiful in saying “screw you.”

Cappello is flawlessly able to create great songs that tug at the heartstrings, and help us remember the good times we’ve had. Indie rock has been enhanced.

Then there’s The Paper Tugboat. It’s a solo project by singer/songwriter Michiel Consindine, featuring energetic guests that will surprise you. With influences from Randy Newman and Neil Young, he delivers the best quirks music can give. His EP “Demonstration” features collaborations that bring organs, glockenspiels, trumpets, pianos and even snaps to a whole new level. These six songs will give you a whole new perspective on folk rock.

The song “Garage Rock,” is a must. Consindine, along with his trumpet-playing companion, sang this song with so much soul, it filled the whole ballroom with such flair. They displayed a massive, magnetic and marvelous talent of keeping the audience energized and rocking along. Also, check out “Cash Machine.” You will not be disappointed. What happened in the ballroom, will dance into your ears.

Overall, these two are going to be big. I called it. Both have charismatic qualities that make their music captivating, catchy and soothing. If you didn’t go on the 29th, don’t fret. You can visit and hear them on These two have upcoming EPs, so be on the lookout. I hope you’ll check out these two.