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Sam Drotar

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HAPPY CHRISTMAHANUKWANZAAKAH TO ALL! 😀 Just covering all of my bases, you know, speaking in politically correct terms, of course.

Snowball is officially sold out! Holy cow! A great way to end the year: dressing up and going out to a formal. All the stress of the year, then you can relax and have a good time…even though it IS mostly freshman. :p

8 DAYS UNTIL WINTER BREAK!  … And all of you who are leaving mid-final week, because you got extremely lucky with your final schedule, I hate you. Also, I am unleashing the giant green monster of envy on anyone and everyone who is going someplace warm for winter break.

I just have to say, despite the stress of finals, I thank GOD for that reading day and the wonderful, caring teachers who give final reviews—Santa will treat you right.


Okay, the Christmas season has BARELY started and I already know people who have completed their Christmas shopping (you disgust me), the Christmas songs have ALREADY made me lose it, and I haven’t had one SINGLE gingerbread man—not even a gingerbread foot! Nothing!

FINALS FINALS FINALS! AAHHH! So much pressure, so much studying, so many regrets about this past semester, and so many consecutive all nighters! IT’S CRUNCH TIME, CHARGERS! LET’S GET IT ON! For the next week Red Bull is my only friend, and if you try to speak to me about anything that is not search and seizure related, it wouldn’t be wise.

Although this winter break is more than desperately needed by all, there is a kicker in the college kid’s situation: home for the break. Now I don’t know about you, but more than a week living with the parent’s is NOT going to be good. It stinks to live at college and be able to do what you want, eat crappy food, come home when you want, and not have a word said about it. Then when you return home and Mom asks you to do the dishes, and you say “What’s that?,” it’s just not good. By the time winter break is over, we will all be itching to come back to UNH, admit it. IT’S TRUE!

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Charger Battery