Change in UNH Housing

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Whether you think this is a bad idea or a good idea, please refer people to this page or to the letter they received from UNH administration. Be mature: don’t spread rumors!

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2 Responses to “Change in UNH Housing”

  1. Ryan Freitas on January 10th, 2010 12:01 pm

    Before anyone gets mad, we all need to stop thinking so selfishly about this. Real life ins’t your university catering to you like your mom and dad. On campus housing is an amenity we all take for granted. Although we aren’t a large school, most large schools don’t offer housing to seniors at all! You’d be very lucky to get yourself into a residence hall. I’d rather petition for a new residence hall on campus.

  2. Facebook User on January 10th, 2010 4:58 pm

    Ryan, although you make a valid point, petitioning for a new residence hall on campus won’t help the class of 2011. Would it be a good idea for future incoming classes? Absolutely. But the problem being is that most of us will now have to figure out where we are going off campus, and with all the stories and incidences that have occurred around Savin Court and Regency, our options are either expensive or dangerous. I do understand many universities don’t offer seniors housing as they only offer 3 years of on campus housing, but it’s odd when we were told when we applied that we had an equal opportunity of having housing on campus via a lottery, and then told we are going to be on the bottom, after raising seniors for years had priority picking. But that is what happens when a university expands I suppose.

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Change in UNH Housing