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Heroes: Just What the Doctor Ordered


August 27, 2008

Whether you are a superhero movie fan or not, I think everyone can agree that The Dark Knight was mind-blowingly awesome. But besides the acting, action, deaths, promotion, and comic book history, the film holds a clear theme that has consistently appealed to Americans: the idea of the super hero.We ...

Dear Members of the Class of 2012

Rebecca Johnson

August 27, 2008

Welcome! You have arrived and are officially a college student. The past year of applying to colleges, worrying about getting in, being happy when your acceptance letter came, graduating high school and saying goodbye to family and friends as you prepared to come to UNH is behind you.You are about t...

Buy Books Online: Tips from a Senior


August 27, 2008

Attention freshmen and your parents: don't drain your bank accounts by buying the often exceedingly over-priced books sold at the campus bookstore. Be smart, do your research, and shop online. It's too often overheard on campus, "Wow! I just paid $150 for this stupid book!" "Hah! Well, I went online...

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