Campus Recreation: Obviously Fun, Surprisingly Good for You!

The Charger Bulletin

Another year has started. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your first full week of classes. Last week was a big week everywhere on campus and the Beckerman Recreation Center was no exception. Between the Block Party, registration for season 1 REC Sports, TeamRec hiring sessions, and the start of demo weeks, there has been an enormous amount of activity. In fact, on Monday, the Beckerman Center experienced a record setting amount of visits with over 1000!  If you haven’t stopped by yet this year, or ever, be sure to make your way over and see what’s happening. Pick up a magazine or go online to for information on the many programs and services offered by Campus Recreation.

Continuing this week are the free demonstrations of the instructional classes offered this semester. Want to try out Samurai Stick Fighting, but not sure if you will like it? Check out the free demo on the night and time that the class will be held during the semester (this information is in the magazine and on the website). Free demos end on Friday, Sept. 11th. You can purchase the instructional classes for the semester during “free demo” week.

Beyond instructional classes Campus Recreation also offers fitness classes, called “Group X” classes, for free. For the full list of Group X classes offered for this semester check out the magazine or website.

Join in REC Sports activities for another great way to have fun, meet new people, and get a great workout. Season 1 registration is over, but season 2 registration will be coming up in October. Plus, there are a number of tournaments throughout the semester. On Sept.12th, there will be an Ultimate Frisbee tournament. Registration for Ultimate Frisbee runs from Sept. 8th through the 11th.

As the campus continues to grow, so do the products and services of Campus Recreation. Be a part of the action this year, stop by the Beckerman Recreation Center today, and enjoy some of the many programs, classes, equipment, and activities we offer.

Call with any questions! (203) 932-2961.