Butt Sketch and Caricaturists

Michelle R Morra

On Monday, October 17, the Programming Space was filled with people waiting to get there cheeks drawn. Both the front and back cheeks!  Oh you heard right; there were regular caricaturists who drew great pictures of people faces, and there was a very special artist who drew great pictures of students from the back in their favorite jeans.

Both kinds of artists had dozens of students waiting in line, but the Butt Sketch was more popular, probably because of his unique approach.  Mr. Krandel Newton was the founder of The Original Butt Sketch, and the university got a special treat by having him as our artist.  He started the company one year after being bored with his normal job; he then decided that he wanted to do something different with his life and drawing was one of his passions.  But there are plenty of caricaturists out there already, so he decided to do something different; he wanted to draw people but, let’s say, from a different point of view.  And ever since, he has been sketching people from behind and doing a fabulous job.

Newton had all the students walking away from him loving their sketches.  Some students came in their favorite pairs of jeans, and Newton did a great job at sketching even the littlest details, like buttons or designs on the pants.  And all the students took different poses and added a second person so that each sketch was unique.  Everyone walked away loving their picture and even loving Newton for his great personality; he made everyone smile.

The other artists that were there were actual caricaturists, and they sketched you from the front.  They also did a fantastic job, as they drew people’s faces.  Students were walking away with quick sketches of their faces and loving the fact that they looked a little goofy, but in a good way.  Caricaturists of course don’t do an exact drawing of your face, but embellish a little on the more extraordinary features.  Some people walked away with bigger eyes than they really have, or bigger teeth, or curlier hair, and definitely bigger cheeks because they were smiling so big.  But no one was offended; the students loved the exaggeration.

For four hours on Monday, students received great drawings that are going to look great on student’s walls in their dorms, because all the artists did a fantastic job.