Busy Weeks at the Beckerman

Kat Wilberding

April is a big month for banquets, formals, and of course the Alumni Scholarship Ball. This year the Scholarship Ball will be held in the Beckerman Recreation Center on Saturday, Apr. 17. Therefore, the Rec center will be closed on Apr. 17. All courts will be offline on Apr. 15 and Apr. 16 as well in order to set-up for the ball. We apologize for any inconvenience. The facility and courts will all re-open on Sunday, Apr. 18 at regular hours.

In other news, the Spring Get Fit Charger Challenge is coming to a close with the final weigh- in this Friday, Apr. 16 from 8 am to 5 pm. To all those who participated, I hope you reached your fitness goals. Good effort and keep up the healthy lifestyles.

As a reminder, Group X classes on Wednesdays have changed dramatically. Each week there will be Cardio Box at noon, Spinning at 4:30 pm, and a different schedule of any evening/night classes that may be going on. So stay up-to-date by checking out the website weekly.

In REC Sports news, season 4 is comfortably underway. The competition is enthused, even energetic in the various indoor soccer leagues. If you are looking for a good sporting event to watch come check out any nighttime intramural indoor soccer game at the Beckerman Recreation Center. Perhaps all the positive intensity and interest is a sign of the soccer fever that is beginning to sweep the globe as the 2010 World Cup in South Africa approaches. Whatever the reason, the indoor soccer leagues put soccer as a contender for most popular sport of the season. Of course the softball, 6v6 volleyball, and roller hockey leagues are just as strong. As the weather blossoms, softball is becoming a favorite past time in the sun. The 6v6 volleyball leagues are as vibrant as ever. Even roller hockey has a solid following in this, its debut season.

All in all, April is a busy month for the Beckerman Recreation Center, so don’t miss out on all the action!