Breaking through the “White Noise”

Ashley Winward

If you look at where Massachusetts natives PVRIS were a year ago, it’s simply awe-inspiring to see how much they’ve accomplished.

PVRIS is preforming at Hartford’s Webster Underground Dec. 30 (Photo obtained via Facebook)
PVRIS is preforming at Hartford’s Webster Underground Dec. 30 (Photo obtained via Facebook)

Since changing their name from “Paris” to “PVRIS” for what has been rumored to be legal reasons, and signing onto Rise Records, it’s been a whirlwind of excitement. I got the chance to catch lead singer Lynn Gunnulfsen, more commonly known to fans as Lynn Gvnn, in an off moment just before the holiday season to talk about the band’s success and how there is a great deal of style influence in what is PVRIS.

The biggest buzz surrounding the group has been the release of White Noise, their debut full length album under Rise Records. Gunnulfsen explained the process of making the album which took place over the course of the past year, especially the heavy influence of VersaEmerge’s Blake Harnage.

“He and I had been in touch for a while,” she said. “When I was in high school he taught me how to do electronic stuff on my laptop, and ever since he, I wouldn’t say mentored but we’ve always kept in touch and he’d always give me pointers and stuff here and there with programming stuff. When he found out we were working on a new album he was like ‘Hey let’s do a record together!’ and I was like ‘Hell yeah!’ So we just really hit it off and we kind of just combined our brains together, all our different sounds and made the record what it is now!”

The release was also very significant due to the fact it was their first release on their new label, Rise Records. “We had it in our top picks for a while just because we had known a lot of people that had worked with them and said they were a good label to them. We were actually supposed to sign with a different label and the day we were supposed to sign our contracts our management called and was like ‘Don’t sign anything, we have an offer from Rise on the way’ and we were like ‘Hell yeahhhh!’ So we went with them, it’s just proved to be the right choice because they believe in what we want to do 100 percent and they are so supportive and enthusiastic and just as excited about everything as we are. They’ve gone above and beyond anybody’s expectations including our own for how much they’ve done for us, it just worked out to be an awesome fit.”

The release has seen tons of great press, making the Editor’s Choice list for iTunes alternative, and the band made it on the Huffington Post’s “18 Artists You Need to Know Half Way Through 2014” as well.

With vibrancy in both Gunnulfsen’s voice and the popping synth elements of the music, there is one piece of the band that doesn’t seem to be quite as bright; their media. From photos to their music videos, the group presents themselves quite literally with the color drained from them.

When I asked about the black and white motif of their appearance I found out it was both preference and purposeful. “I like the look of black and white a lot. But also, I think it’s kind of a cool concept because you think about black and white and there’s obviously something missing to them and that’s colors. That’s kind of up to your interpretation and kind of what I like PVRIS to be. I like it to have a little bit of mystery and a little bit of uncertainty to it so you kind of have to fill in the blanks with what you want to take from the music so it’s kind of a little hidden concept within the style choice. I don’t know how to word it, it kind of leaves a little bit of room for interpretation and mystery as to what’s going on 100 percent and I think that, that’s something I think we have in our music to begin with so it matches perfectly.”

Check out White Noise at your local record provider or on iTunes now. Gunnulfsen and the rest of the trio will be at Hartford’s Webster Underground Dec. 30 with The Class of 92 as well as locals Life on the Sideline before heading out on the second leg of Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens’ world tour. If you’d like to see the rest of my interview with Lynn Gvnn, go to or download our app and be on the lookout in the upcoming weeks as I will be giving away a PVRIS prizepack on my radio show “Left of Center on Charger Radio” next week!