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Welcome to the first edition of the new Charger Bulletin feature Grub Gab! We are committed to reviewing local restaurants so you know where it’s safe to eat! First up on our list is Archie Moore’s in New Haven! Heather had never been before…and cannot wait to go again!

So first up, what is Archie Moore’s? It is a restaurant and bar with six locations in Connecticut. It is famous for its wing sauce, but also offers a selection of soups, nachos, wraps, sandwiches, vegetarian selections, burgers, salads, American appetizers, and desserts. Basically it has something for everyone.

We started with some of the famous wings and an order of potato skins. If you’re looking for wicked hot wings, then Archie’s probably isn’t the place for you. But if you’re looking for amazingly flavorful wings with a little kick, get there ASAP! Wings shouldn’t be just about the heat…but also the sa-weet! (Not literally…) Another perk of the wings is that Archie’s makes their own bleu cheese daily. I know that grosses some people out, but for the rest of the [sane] world who likes bleu cheese, you can appreciate this. The. Dressing. Is. Amazing.

I know many of us are used to potato skins that are small and probably consist of only about a quarter of the potato. Not here! These potato skins were literally half of a good sized potato and filled to the brim with cheese and bacon. They were AMAZING!

For the main meal, Heather ordered a buffalo chicken wrap. This is one of her favorites at any restaurant! She’s become accustomed to the wrap being cold rather than warm to melt the cheese and whatnot, but not this wrap. It was almost too warm and it was wonderful. The French fries were also really good. Everything just came together and was amazing.

Zack ordered a bleu cheese pita burger – DELICIOUS! It was a ½ pound burger in a pita with lettuce, tomato, sliced red onion, and a spicy taziki cucumber sauce. Also accompanied with Archie’s French fries, this burger was fantastic.

In terms of service, the hostess checked in on us often while we were waiting to be seated just so we knew that we weren’t forgotten. She was really good about keeping up with those drink refills, but didn’t come too much to be an annoyance!

Despite being an excellent place to eat, Archie Moore’s is also an excellent place to people watch. There were some pretty amusing people eating or drinking at the bar while we were there. That only added to the good time we had!

The only downside (and it’s an extremely small one) is that it was a little loud. So it’s not really a good place to go and have a quiet, intimate dinner, but it’s a great place for everything else.

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Grub Gab will be using a “5 stars” scale…but instead of stars, we will choose a key element to the restaurant we’re reviewing! In Archie’s case, due to their deliciously tantalizing buffalo wings, we give them 4.5 wing platters!

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Archie Moore’s