And the Winner Is…

Ashley Bogdanski

This season on Big Brother 13, there have been a lot of twists throughout the game from the start. Originally eight “newbies” (people who had never played Big Brother) came into the Big Brother house. These eight people were Cassi, Dominic, Adam, Kalia, Keith, Lawon, Porsche, and Shelly.

The newbies were then told that they were going to have to work in pairs. All of a sudden three other couples from past Big Brother seasons came into the Big Brother house to play the game again. These three couples were Jeff and Jordan from season 11, Rachel and Brendon from season 12, and Evel Dick and Daniele from season eight. These “veterans” coming into the house threw the newbies for a loop, and this made the veterans a target from day one.

There was also a second twist at the beginning of the game, which said that for the first four weeks, whoever was not the one evicted out of the couple up for eviction would be safe until there were only ten people left in the game. Daniele (received a golden key because her father left for a family emergency suddenly during week one), Porsche, Shelly, and Adam all received golden keys as well. This meant that they were also unable to compete in competitions until the “golden key rule” expired.

Throughout the summer, the veterans played their hearts out with winning most of the competitions at the beginning and getting some of the newbies out of the game. Then, a few veterans were sent home, until it all came down to Porsche, Adam, and Rachel for the final three.

For the final head of household (HOH) competition, the competition was broken up into three different parts. For the first part, Rachel, Adam, and Porsche were competing in an endurance competition, which involved standing on what looked like a beater over a bowl of what was intended to look like butter. The beater that they were standing on spun around and also went partially into the buttery mixture. Rachel won this part of the competition by hanging on the longest, not surprisingly since she has won most of the endurance competitions all summer. As a result, Rachel advanced straight to round three of the HOH competition and would compete against the winner of round two.

Adam and Porsche had to battle it out for the second spot in the final competition. For the second competition, there was an underwater maze that contained all the past HOH’s pictures from the summer in an underwater maze. The object of the competition was to arrange the pictures in the maze in the order the contestants won the competitions. This competition was primarily based on speed; Porsche beat Adam with a time of three minutes and five seconds. Therefore, final competition was going to be Porsche vs. Rachel.

For the final competition to determine who would be the final and most valuable HOH, Rachel and Porsche had to finish sentences from the people in the jury house. Rachel won the final HOH over Porsche by getting two answers correct out of five and then picked Porsche to go to the final two. The winner would win a grand prize of $500,000. Rachel and Porsche both had to answer questions from the jury (consisting of evicted houseguests) to explain why they should deserve the money.

In the end, Rachel won Big Brother Season 13 by a vote of four to three. Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, and Shelly all voted for Rachel to win, while Daniele, Kalia, and Adam all voted for Porsche to win Big Brother season 13. However, Porsche did not go away empty handed; the second place winner always receives $50,000. Lastly, America voted for who their favorite Big Brother competitor of the season was; for the second time, Jeff won $25,000.