An Update from Prato

Takeisha Sinclair

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A big hello to you all, again!
It’s Takeisha, with more news from the University of New Haven’s Prato campus. As many of you know, we had a full week off, considered our ‘Fall break.’ We used this time to travel to as many neighboring European countries as time would allow us. Starting from Sicilia, Italy to the United Kingdom with many countries in between, we made it there! I, for my own experience in Spring Break, was ecstatic to see my mother and Godmother, who came to visit me during Fall Break to share in this European experience with me. We visited and stayed in Venice, Rome, and Pisa in Italy, then made our way over to Barcelona, Spain, and Paris, France. It was an amazing experience but I couldn’t imagine spending it any other way- with my leading ladies.

Students visit the Colosseum  (Photo provided by Takeisha Sinclair)

Students visit the Colosseum
(Photo provided by Takeisha Sinclair)

I’m excited to share with you all the adventures that my cohort shared in during their break! Most of them went to major European countries such as: Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, and Belgium. From bicycle rides around the Eiffel Tower, the beautiful beaches and aura of Greek beaches, visiting Big Ben in London, to the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Ireland, everyone enjoyed every country they had the opportunity to visit. Each and every one of us enjoyed our breaks and was so excited to see everything that we would see on the Internet or hear about growing up as children. There was not enough time in a week to explore everything or even spend as much time in one country that we would have liked, but there was more than enough time to appreciate this once in a lifetime opportunity to explore Europe and of course, the beautiful country of Italy.
As we arrived back into Italy from our fall vacation, it was back to the routine of going to class and resuming our “calcio” games, a.k.a. soccer in our terms, as we were preparing for our tournament that began Monday, Nov. 2.
We ended the week with a group trip to Pisa, Italy with our Dean, Kevin Murphy and his lovely wife, where the world’s famous Leaning Tower is. I’m sure you have seen the infamous poses tourists’ perform when they visit this tower- creativity at its finest, I tell you! Whether individual or with a group, we made great memories and took great shots with the Leaning Tower. I’m sure you will see many of them on Instagram or Facebook. There will be more to hear from us in the upcoming weeks as we approach our third month studying abroad in Prato, Italy.

Ciao, UNH!

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An Update from Prato