An Unforgettable Experience

Elizabeth Field

I would like to begin by saying that the last three years that I have spent as a staff writer for The Charger Bulletin have been a wonderful, unforgettable experience. As editor of my high school paper, I always assumed I would become involved in my future University’s paper. When I first arrived at UNH, I wasn’t interested in much of anything. I was stressed, homesick, overwhelmed, and felt out of place. I joined the staff of the Charger Bulletin on a whim at the beginning of the year club fair, and it has easily been one of the best choices of my young life.

I started writing just one article every week and largely because of the amazing and passionate leadership of the Charger Bulletin, I was hooked! While writing for the paper can seem like simply added work, it is so inspiring to see your own words in print; it is a breathtaking experience. Writing for the Charger Bulletin has allowed me to refine my technical and creative writing skills, forge new connections on campus, express myself creatively, and dedicate myself to an organization on campus.

In my opinion, being involved in clubs and organizations on campus are the root of success in your college years. Because of my involvement in the UNH community, I have learned dedication, responsibility, and technical skills that have supplemented my academic education in the classroom.

I may be somewhat biased, but I think that a student newspaper is without a doubt the best extracurricular activity to undertake. It’s a vastly different experience from other campus activities. There are no dance parties to plan, no bake sales, and no dreaded Bartels Lobby Tables. The Charger Bulletin is more like a job and hey, we all want jobs right? The “work experience” of writing and being involved in a student newspaper can be easily adaptable to suit any major or future career plans.

As a political science and history major, I honestly have no concrete idea of what I will do once I graduate. I have plenty of ideas, but do I want to be an elementary school teacher or go further into research? Ideally I’m going to have an extremely inflated salary working at the History Channel, but realistically I may fall into any random job fields that my non-technical degree covers. I feel confident though, because of my experience with the Charger Bulletin, I will have the skills needed to succeed in the future, and for that I am forever grateful for my experience from the last three years.

I cannot put into words how honored I feel to have been named next year’s Editor of the Charger Bulletin. I have no idea what next year will bring, but I am confident that with the combined passion of Liana and I, we will create a future for the Charger Bulletin that our predecessors and successors will be proud of.