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2017-2018 Staff

Israel Estrada

Contributing Writer

Israel Estrada is a California native in town to earn a Master of Science in Emergency Management. Born and raised in California, Israel joined the United...

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Britani Lindsay

Contributing Writer

Britani Lindsay is a senior majoring in Communications with a concentration in Journalism. After graduation, she plans on attending grad school. Her dream...

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Marissa Rosado

Contributing Writer

Marissa Rosado is 22 years old and from Milford, CT. She is a communication major with a minor in journalism. She is also an aspiring actress with a certificate...

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Liz Sloane

Contributing Writer

Liz Sloane is a freshman at the university and is studying psychology. Liz is a contributing writer to The Charger Bulletin and plans to become a staff...

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Sabrina Chang

Contributing Writer

Senior communications major with a focus on public relations

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Kailey Feshler

Host, CBN

Kailey is a freshman majoring the Communications, concentrating in Film Production. She is a member of the Film/TV Club, the Eco-Adventure Club, plays...

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Sarah DeMatteis

Contributing Writer

Sarah is a senior English and Communications major. Within the Charger Bulletin, she has a passion for writing and reporting on events happening on cam...

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Karina Krul

Student Life Editor

Karina Krul is a junior marine biology major with a double minor in psychology and political science. This her third year writing for the Charger Bulletin...

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Melina Joseph

Contributing Writer

Melina Joseph is a student journalist and junior taking classes at the University of New Haven through the STEP pre-college program. She is passionate...

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Quiana Criales

Contributing Writer

Quiana Criales is a senior interpersonal communications major, with a double minor in criminal justice and sociology. On campus, Q is a member of Alpha...

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Mitsouki Garvey-Sanchez

Contributing Writer

Mitsouki Garvey-Sanchez a junior pursing a degree in Communications with a concentration in public relations and journalism. She plans to attend law school...

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Jordan Campbell

Associate Editor for Graphic Design

Jordan is a Graphic Designer currently based out of Connecticut that specializes in Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, and Motion Graphics. My goal is to produce...

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AJ Greene

Contributing Writer

AJ is a freshman studying computer science. He is a member of ESports, the Gaming Club, the Sci-Fi Fantasy club, and the Quidditch team. In his free t...

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Khaaliq Crowder

Staff Writer

Khaaliq Crowder is a junior studying communications (journalism) with a minor in black studies. He is a contributing writer, mostly covering the Arts &...

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Reginald Walden

Contributing Writer

Reginald Walden is a junior majoring in Marine Biology with a minor in Communications. He is a member of the Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society, Marine Biology...

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Caitlin Carney

Associate Editor for Videography

Caitlin is a freshman pursuing a degree in Communications with a concentration in Television Production. She is a member of the Chargers Marching band...

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Kayra Clouden

Multimedia Editor

Kayra Clouden is a senior communications major with concentrations in Digital Media and T.V/Video Production, as well as Multimedia Editor for the Charg...

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Meghan Mahar

Entertainment Editor

Meghan is a sophomore pursuing two degrees in Marketing and Business Management. She is a member and Alumnae Committee Chair of Phi Sigma Sigma at the...

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Amanda Arrango

Associate Editor for Photography

Amanda is a fast track student majoring in management with a minor in Behavioral Economics. I work in the student success and am apart of various clubs...

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Lauren Cohen

Staff Writer

Lauren Cohen is a sophomore majoring in Music Industry.

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Alessia Bicknese

Opinion Editor

Alessia Bicknese is a senior studying English, Journalism, and Education. This is her fourth year with the Charger Bulletin. Alessia started out as a copy...

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Samantha Reposa

Managing Editor

Samantha is a senior communication major with a double concentration in journalism and public relations and a minor in political science. Within the pa...

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Angela Tricarico

Staff Writer

Angela Tricarico is a junior communications major, with concentrations in journalism and public relations, a sport management minor and an English minor....

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Christopher DiGeronimo

Sports Editor

Christopher DiGeronimo is a Junior at the University of New Haven studying Sport Management. DiGeronimo is the Sports Editor for the Charger Bulletin....

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Glenn Rohrbacker


Glenn Rohrbacker is a junior at the University of New Haven studying communications with a concentration in journalism and minors in Political Science...

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