Aaron’s Party takes over WNHU

Ashley Winward

This past week, the University of New Haven was visited by 90’s royalty when Aaron Carter stopped by the new home of WNHU for an interview.

Aaron Carter poses with fans in the WNHU station (Photo by WNHU)
Aaron Carter poses with fans in the WNHU station (Photo by WNHU)

A large crowd of fans waited out in the cold, pouring rain for a chance to meet the former child superstar now moving towards a comeback in his late 20s.

Known best for hits like “Aaron’s Party (Come and Get it)” and “That’s how I beat Shaq,” Carter took the early 2000s by storm being a pop star, guest starring on the hit TV show Lizzie McGuire, and playing Jojo in his Broadway Debut of Seussical the Musical.

After his album Oh Aaron, his career went dormant; however, with his return to the spotlight in 2009 as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars it looked like a strong comeback was inevitable.

Fans wasted no time on Thursday afternoon, flocking to the new WNHU studio across the street from Celentano Hall and standing outside the studio huddled under a small tent. Carter was fashionably late getting to the studio, but once he settled in with Chris Schnabel, Nikki Iannace and Late Night Charge host Joe Brown, no time was wasted before the conversation got going.

He was very excited to see his fans, taking selfies with many outside the window and posting them to his Snapchat and Instagram accounts. WNHU’s new studio has made musician events such as Carter’s visit possible.

The large windows of the building, which face out onto the lawn gave fans the chance to see the interview happening live instead of hearing the show behind a wall.

Interview topics spanned almost the entirety of his career, from being a child star to the “That’s How I Beat Shaq” sequel that took place last year. One of the most interesting questions that was asked was about his friendship with Michael Jackson.

Carter discussed how Jackson deemed him the “New Prince of Pop” and how he was given a jacket by the original Prince of Pop himself. He also told the surprising story of how fate had the two miss their flight out of New York City the day of Sept. 11.

After the interview, fans were given the chance to meet Carter and take photos.

Freshman Jess Devine spoke of her experience. “It was really surreal to meet someone that you’ve adored since you were really young and then to see them all grown up was very strange,” she said. “It’s nice knowing that he’s still down to earth and he takes time out of his busy schedule to take selfies with fans.”

Photos taken have been posted to the WNHU Facebook page for anyone who is looking to retrieve their precious memory with Carter. Tickets were also raffled off for his show that night at Toad’s Place which packed the house to nearly selling out.

It was certainly a memorable throwback Thursday on campus and hopefully will be the beginning of many fan-radio interactions on UNH’s campus.