A New Studio and COVID-19: How Production Courses Plan to Adjust


Courtesy of Hunter Lang

Bergami Center Studio

Cameron Hailey, Staff Writer

With a new green screen wall and a bigger space, the new communications studio in the Bergami Center for Science, Technology, and Innovation is ready to use. With its unveiling, the full learning experience of production courses is possible, even during COVID-19.

Wayne Edwards, Charger Bulletin News adviser and communication professor at the university, said, “We are holding classes in the studio, rather than classrooms, because it is about five times the size of the old studio. We are able to keep social distance and are all wearing masks.”

With the increased size of the studio, students will work with the equipment in ways not seen before. The new green screen wall allows students to transition from a studio-based backdrop to a green screen seamlessly, and it will enable students to have more creative freedoms than they would have in the old studio.

The equipment that was used in the old studio in Maxcy Hall is now being used in the Bergami studio; the room in Maxcy the studio used to occupy has now been transformed into a classroom. The cameras, set, and equipment were all moved during the summer and will offer upper-level students a familiar experience with more space for dynamic camerawork.

“The new studio presents us with the opportunity to make even better content than ever before with all the new space and equipment at our disposal,” said Thomas Chung, president of the Communications Club, “As such, the Comm Club has exciting plans for both television and film content to be shot in the new studio and we can’t wait to see what this next chapter holds for our organization.”

Edwards is excited about new and “different types” of productions, all while abiding by the COVID-19 regulations.

Even with the current regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Edwards feels confident that hands-on learning is not only possible but will be of great quality. Of course, students will be required to wipe down all equipment before and after use.

“I think we are prepared for it, rather than last year, where it came out of the blue,” said Edwards on preparing classes working through COVID-19.
Edwards has also prepared if classes are to be moved to online again, working with third-party sources to allow students to continue work even from home, allowing the curriculum to continue.