A Different Type of Super Bowl Commercial

Ana Abraham

Millions of people nationwide will be tuning in to one of the most important sporting events of the year: the Super Bowl on February 5. But what they don’t know is that a man who put his name in the Presidential bid early last year is planning on airing graphic anti-abortion ads during the pre-game show and the actual game, in around thirty different cities.

Randall Terry was never really a serious contender for the Presidency. I’d argue that he only put his name on the ticket in the first place so he could gain support for his anti-choice viewpoints and then broadcast them during the 2012 campaign season. Over his career as a protester, Terry has been arrested not once, not twice, but nearly fifty times. He even went so far as to impersonate a doctor in 2009. In that particular protest, he had a man dressed as President Obama hand him plastic babies, which he would proceed to stab with a scalpel and then throw away. He was obviously protesting Obama’s pro-choice policies, which much of the left wing supports. Terry even had the gall to do this particular “demonstration” outside of a Democratic (then) Senator’s office in West Virginia.

Terry’s ads are thankfully not set to run in New England. He has 13 markets confirmed to run them so far, mostly in the Midwest and down into the South. Even Terry’s anti-choice supporters are not all supporting this initiative, because the Super Bowl is considered a “family fun” activity, not a platform for the protesting of traditionally right-wing ideals, especially in such a graphic fashion. I’m actually afraid to see how many more of Terry’s intended 30 districts he is able to air his ads in.